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A Lifetime of Hands-On Project Development and Management
Born in Madagascar, Serge Hoyda immigrated to Israel as a young boy. After completing his military service and studies there, he moved to New York to pursue professional opportunities (and his slice of the American Dream). Serge began his career in real estate in 1980, launching a small construction company in New York that performed remodeling and renovation work. Significant change came about in 1992 when, after several years working as a partner in a real estate brokerage firm, Serge formed a new company and began the process of taking old or abandoned buildings and converting them into successful, income-producing properties.

Since then, Serge has gained extensive experience in converting, managing and developing over 40 multi-use buildings in New York City. His experience and hands-on management style enable him to follow through on all the phases of real estate development, from financing, site planning and zoning, environmental review and property acquisition, to design management, commercial and retail leasing, and residential rentals and sales. Under his leadership, Serge has guided his company to develop over one quarter of a million square feet of residential and retail real estate.

A Vision of Area Revitalizatiion Achieved and Ongoing.
Since purchasing his first building in the Lower East Side over a decade ago, Serge has envisioned the transformation of this part of Manhattan into an energetic and desirable neighborhood in which to live and conduct business. To turn this vision into a reality, Serge continues to renovate and develop local properties, attracting residential tenants from new demographics and selecting commercial tenants that best enrich the community. Serving testament to Serge's growing success, American Apparel, a leading domestic manufacturer and retailer of casual fashion, has chosen to locate its New York flagship store in one of Serge's buildings located on Orchard and East Houston Streets in the Lower East Side. The Pomeranc Group has chosen to build one of its prestigious Thompson boutique hotels on Serge's property at Allen Street. Additionally, Rockwood Music Hall has expanded its operations and several new businesses are making significant investments to open restaurants and retail stores.