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In 2000, Serge was contacted by an owner who had lost possession of two, five-story buildings located on the corner of East Houston and Orchard Streets. The buildings were in derelict condition, replete with hundreds of housing code violations. The few remaining tenants were facing dispossession by virtue of a potential vacate order because of the buildings' severe structural defects and unsafe conditions. This group of tenants had become organized and was aggressively fighting to remain in the building.

Serge provided a proposal and plan to New York City to restore the building to a safe and habitable condition, ultimately negotiating with all city agencies to clear the records. He worked with the tenants in a positive manner and announced that no tenant would be "put out"and placed in a shelter. True to his word, every person WAS comfortably relocated within the same neighborhood.

Today, after extensive renovations and an effective marketing effort, the building has become one of the most attractive, thriving, residential buildings in the Lower East Side. Young professionals vie to find apartments in the building. American Apparel's flagship store graces the retail space.